Vojtech Ruzicka24.08.2018 13:49

Hello StaticMan!

Vojtech Ruzicka24.08.2018 13:56

Yet another comment.

Vojtech Ruzicka24.08.2018 13:56

I am starting to like this.

Vojtěch Růžička25.08.2018 11:02

Does this work?

Oldrich Biba25.08.2018 09:24

Cannot believe this is truly static.

Joe25.08.2018 12:54

<script>alert('HO HO HO!')</script>

Test08.12.2018 15:05

Actually it's not an error, the Staticman API has too many requests :( Not sure this would actually work! (Also don't save the user's email to Github) ;)

Test08.12.2018 08:36

There's an error when submitting the form with only a message

Test08.12.2018 15:05

One more

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